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Room 24, 1 Halford St
Castlemaine 3448
Tel 03 5470 6128
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Gourmet Puddings: Traditional Christmas Puddings all year!

We manufacture handmade puddings based on Grandma's recipe.We use local ingredients where ever possible. All natural ingredients. We have been accredited with the Victorian Farmer’s Market Association (VFMA)

Swing Tags can be personalised for corporate orders. We also sell dessert sauces, chocolate coated puddings and chocolate treats. An extensive range of contemporary flavours, hand made using local ingredients when ever possible.We have 10 years business experience of making traditional plum puddings and chocolates.

Pud for all Seasons: Traditional and Contemporary Hand-made Puddings

Traditional Plum Pudding

Lovers of the Traditional Plum Puddings no longer have to wait for December to satisfy their cravings. We have taken Great Grandma’s recipe for the Traditional Xmas pud and also jazzed it up to create our own contemporary flavours. You will love our idea of making “the pud” a staple dessert served all year round.

We use Local Free Range Eggs and all Australian Dried Fruits wherever possible. Apples and Oranges are fresh from the grower and the bread is from our local baker and crumbed by Us! Grandma’s Plum Pudding and other flavours such as Double Choc and Orange (with Cointreau) and Date & Butterscotch Pudding are also available as Gluten Free options. The ranges of Dessert Sauces complement the Puds and the Chocolate Coated Puds are just the thing to serve with coffee! In addition to delicious puds, we also have a range of chocolate treats such as Rocky Road, Coconut Rough, A white chocolate treat and a coffee crunch treat.

P.S. If Plum Puddings are not your thing then how about our Double Choc & Orange (with Cointreau) puddings. Go to our "product range" page to see the rest of our fantastic flavours of puddings.

Double Choc Orange with Cointreau Pudding

Date and Butterscotch Pudding

Brandied Butterscotch Sauce

Chocolate Pudding _DSC1501 Date and Butterscotch.jpg _DSC1514 Traditional with Saucecrop.jpg

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