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10 Days of the Year to Celebrate Puddings

Puddings are supposedly the most ancient form of desserts that are growing popularities more and more even in the 22nd century. So you don’t really need a special occasion to devour mouth-watering puddings. But, have you ever wondered how widely varieties of puddings are celebrated across the world and you want to learn their historical significance, this list is for you! We have listed out the top 10 days to celebrate 10 different kinds of puddings with different cultural diversity. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favourite pudding from this list!

1. Sticky Toffy Pudding Day - 23rd January

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Sticky pudding is a massively popular steamed sponge dessert with rich toffee sauce and whipped custard cream on the top. Even though this pudding’s origin is unclear, it’s speculated its recipe was produced by Francis Coulson, the culinary legend of the 1970s.

This sticky toffy pudding is very similar to the Australian traditional sticky date pudding. In honour of this popular dessert, Australia celebrates 23rd January as the day of sticky puddings; whether it is toffy or dates!

2. Yorkshire Pudding Day - 3rd February

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Yorkshire pudding is one of the most iconic British foods, usually served with roasted beef. This traditional pudding is celebrated across the world on 3rd February.

The first recipe of this pudding was first published in a 1737 book called The Whole Duty of a Woman. That recipe was a massive success, along with the book itself. In 1747, the recipe was slightly modified by Hannah Glasse, who renamed it “Yorkshire pudding”. This pudding got its final modification in 2008, by the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

3. Plum Pudding Day - 12th February

Plum pudding, one of the most iconic English dessert staple with major historical significance especially during Christmas season, celebrates its day on 12th February. Plum pudding, which ironically doesn’t contain any plum is well-known for its appearance in Charles Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol were two verses of the Christmas carol were about this Christmas pudding! The origin of plum pudding day is unknown, but we do know it originated back in the 14th century. 

Here’s a brief history of plum pudding’s origin. In 1714, King George I popularised this pudding and established it as a traditional part of the Christmas celebrations. Some people still use 13 ingredients to make Plum pudding, where the number 13 represents Jesus and his Apostles.

With such traditional background, plum pudding is still adored by everyone during the holiday season because of its unique texture, taste and ingredients composed of nutmeg, raisins, nuts, apples, cinnamon, dates, and many more. In England, it is tradition to have every person a household simultaneously hold onto the wooden spoon together to help stir the batter. As they stir it, they also have to make a wish!

4. Vanilla Pudding Day - 22nd May

Vanilla pudding is celebrated on May 22. This medieval dessert is still quite popular across the world. It is speculated that the vanilla pudding originated in early medieval Europe. This dish was referred in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and the cookbook written by the chefs of King Richard II in the 15th century. This profound historical background surely adds to the appeal of the vanilla pudding!

5. Chocolate Pudding Day - 26th June

This rich chocolate custard-filled pud accompanied by the luxuriant delicacy of thick chocolate cream is everyone’s favourite, for very good reason! Chocolate pudding is one of the comparatively new pudding recipes, introduced in the 17 century. 

At that time, it was the cuisine of wealthy upper-class. But now, it’s one of the most popular puddings, and available in microwave tubs at your local supermarket! 26th of June is chocolate pudding day for all the sweet-tooth out there.

6. Tapioca Pudding Day - 15th July

Tapioca Pudding Day is probably the day for you to remember the horror of school puddings made by your grandmas and rediscover its distinctive taste all at once! Tapioca pudding is one of the classics, most old-fashioned dessert that has slowly been out of our sight because of its traditional and comparatively lengthy cooking procedure made with cassava root flour to keep pace with modern cooking recipe. So during this day, take a chuck of this moist- smooth textured tapioca to taste a bit of your childhood with your loved ones!

7. National Crème Brûlée Day – 22nd July

22nd July is the day is to celebrate the hallmark dessert of Paris, also known as Cuisinier royal et bourgeois which was first found in Francois Massialo’s recipe book way back in 1691. The popularity of this rich custard pudding grew in the middle age and then spread across Europe. 

Although French people proudly claim Crème Brûlée as their legacy, there’s another version of this pudding originated in 1879 at Trinity College, Cambridge. 

8. Rice Pudding Day - 9th August

Rice pudding is one of the most nutritionally wholesome delicious dessert treats which originated in the Middle East, made with filling rice. Because of its textury, luscious supply of good carbohydrate and unique oriental delicacy, rice pudding has already gained massive popularity across the world, which can easily be made at home. 

A lot of people claim rice pudding to be the most delightful form of indulging rice with personalised add-ons like raisins, sprinkles of nutmegs and lychees! Moreover, rice pudding comes both sweet and savoury in taste! If you haven’t tried this smooth, creamy and healthy rice pudding yet, 9th August is the day for you to try! 

9. Butterscotch Pudding Day – 19Th September

If you’re a sweet tooth which happens to be a fan of sweet and creamy textured wholesome pudding in your mouth, butterscotch pudding day on September 19th is for you!  

Its speculated that the recipe of the butterscotch pudding was originated way back to Doncaster, a town in Yorkshire in 1817. Butterscotch was made as a form of hard candy, up until the recipe is altered and turned into a form of pudding in 1848. 

In the modern era, the popularity of the light and creamy constancy of butterscotch pudding is still at the peak. On top of that, it’s super easy to make as well! So on 10th September, don’t wait to indulge in the sweet-creamy concoction of milk, butter, vanilla, sugar, treacle and corn syrup! 

10. Indian Pudding Day- 13Th November

Indian pudding, a chilly-weather classic itself celebrates its long history on Indian Pudding Day. Indian pudding was primarily innovated by the English settlers in India when they encountered the mass production of corn by the indigenous people for the first time while looking for an alternative to grain to their pudding. 

Later on, to get the taste of the east in their cuisine, they made more changes into the original recipe by replacing water with milk and adding oriental ingredients like cinnamon, ground ginger, raisins, nuts, and so on. And eventually, the new recipe addressed as “Indian pudding” became so popular among the settlers that it became a thing of its own, with its warmer and smoother delicacy. 

Now you know ten days of the year to celebrate ten different types of puddings. Though all of these days may not be celebrated in Australia, at least you’ve got an excuse to try these puddings!

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