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9 Top Ways to Serve Your Christmas Pudding


Even amidst so many dessert items, the classic and traditional Christmas pudding still hasn’t lost its place at the table during the Christmas season. That’s why most families this year will add the tradition pudding to the list when celebrating this Christmas, maybe even buying a few extras for gifts.

For those few who haven’t tried a Christmas pudding, there’s no time like the present. The pudding itself is a very soft dessert mostly made mainly of fruit and dairy products. The traditional Christmas pudding is found on many Aussie tables come dessert time, as its unique blend of spices and flavours deliciously captures the festive season.

While most serve this pudding with the traditional warm custard, there are many ways you can personalise this desert to make it uniquely yours.

For your convenience, we’ve listed nine ways to serve your Christmas pudding this year!

1. Christmas pudding served with ice cream

Serving this traditional dessert item with a few scoop of ice cream makes this dessert even more special, as the hot climate of Australia sometimes calls for a cold treat to cool off. It’s also great for kids, who might be trying Christmas pudding for the first time.

You can combine the dessert with any ice cream of your choice, and we’d suggest cooling the pudding beforehand, so the ice cream doesn’t melt right away (unless of course, that’s your style!)

You can also serve this dessert item during Christmas in July for ice cream lovers year-round!

2. Christmas pudding covered with sticky toffee sauce

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Traditional Christmas pudding combined with a layer of sticky toffee sauce is a winning combo when it comes to dessert.

English in origin, this sweet treat is perfect for those looking for a traditional winter Christmas snack. With its delicious aroma, this Christmas pudding combo will put everyone in a festive mood. At the same time, the visual appeal of the sauce and pudding is something right out of a holiday cookbook. Not to mention, you can always use the extra sauce to coat other dishes on the table.

3. Christmas pudding trifle

Christmas pudding trifle is a visually stunning as well as delicious way of serving this dessert.

This recipe also works well for any leftover Christmas pudding over the next few days, as to make the trifle you’ll need to break the pudding into pieces at the bottom of the trifle bowl.

You can pick any ingredients based on your preference, but we’d suggest an orange and dark chocolate mix to fit the season.

4. Christmas pudding with chocolates and fruits

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Chocolate is always an instant crowd-pleaser, no matter whos at the table, and with a range of fresh summer fruit including cherries, strawberries, plums and other stone fruits the chocolate and fruit combo is always a stellar accompaniment for your desert.

Try serving your Christmas pudding with seasonal fruit and chocolate sauce for dipping. If making a pudding from scratch, you can even try adding some chocolate chips for an extra hit of that chocolatey goodness.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will find it hard to pass up on this dessert pairing.

5. Christmas pudding muffins

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If you are fond of bit-sized dessert items, then why not try serving your Christmas pudding as smaller sized Christmas pudding muffins.

Not only is this new twist on an old classic delicious, but it’s perfect for kids and adults alike, with their convenience making them the ideal snack for anyone looking for something to grab to get back to their holiday activity.

Not only do these work great for parties, but consider baking these muffins for a homemade Christmas gift for friends and family alike!

6. Mini Christmas pudding canapés

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Similar to the above suggestion, after a big feast for lunch or dinner, dessert can seem a little overwhelming for some. That’s why we recommend transforming your Christmas pudding into small bite-sized canapes for guests looking for that festive hit without committing to a whole scoop of pudding and custard. Not only is this a practical fix, but is a new take on this traditional dessert.

We recommend serving your Christmas pudding as little dessert balls or cake pops, but there are many ways you transfer this meal to suit your guests.

7. Christmas pudding crumble

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During the festival season, it’s all too common we’re left we excess, whether you’ve been gifted an extra pudding or have leftovers, it’s time to get creative and look to how you can extend its life till the next big event.

With leftovers of your Chrismas pudding, we suggest turning it into a crumble you can have at a later date, as this desert freezes wonderfully.

When serving, you can add some seasonal fruits and cream version to complete the dish.

8. Vegan Christmas pudding

While not a serving suggestion, it’s always handy to have one of these on hand, so everyone gets to enjoy the taste of Christmas pudding.

You may even find yourself enjoying this vegan alternative same as the original, with the same great taste you’d find in a diary full pudding.

If you’re looking to make your own vegan pudding, we’d suggest soaking your fruits overnight, that way they’re ready to go Christmas morning.

9. Christmas pudding with custard

Last but not least, we have the original serve. While custard complements so many dessert items, nothing beats the combination of some cold custard with a warm serve of Christmas pudding. What more is there to say?

Wrapping up

As we’ve mentioned above, the Christmas pudding is a very versatile dessert as there are many ways to serve it up so everyone can enjoy. Let us know which one is your favourite this time of year!

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