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Puddings from All Around the World

Puddings are the staple at the end of a meal; the luring incentive for the kids to eat their vegetables; the Achilles’ heel for many dieters, and the go-to fix for those with sugar addictions. Traditionally, autumn and winter are the seasons to start making rich and savoury puddings – crammed with nuts & fruits.

For those who crave the sweeter things, this article will explore puddings from all around the world. These mouthwatering puddings promise to submerge your taste buds in a dessert wonderland.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding, also called sticky date pudding, is a classic British pudding consisting of a moist sponge cake, smothered in luscious sauce and served with vanilla ice-cream. It is made of dates, butter, sugar, eggs and sometimes Ovaltine. This is a perfect autumnal pudding. The addition of nutmeg works tremendously along with soft fruit like date.


Christmas Pudding

Though it dates all the way back to medieval times in Great Britain, the delicious traditional Christmas pudding has become an enormous part of Australian culture. It has evolved in Australia with the taste of the people, and become a staple of the holiday season.

Caakiri Pudding

Caakiri also called thiakry or degue is famous in many countries in Africa, though it is mainly attributed to Niger and the Congo. Though traditionally it was made with millet, the pudding is now commonly made with couscous. This couscous-based pudding is simple to make with soured cream or yogurt, depending on the fermented dairy to deliver its unique taste.


Bread & Butter Pudding

This is a traditional bread pudding famous throughout the UK, especially Ireland. The Irish countryside featured excellent pastures for cows, and Ireland became a prime exporter of butter during the 1800s. Some people serve this pudding with custard or cream, but it is usually moist enough to be eaten alone. This classic pudding utilises bread, milk, butter and raisins to make a spongy sweet treat.


Gelato differs from ice cream in its unique flavour and texture. This frozen dessert is made from milk, as opposed to cream, which gives the pudding a lower fat content. It also contains less air than ice cream creating a denser, more intense in flavour. Gelato comes in an extensive range of flavours including chocolate, raspberry, rum and pistachio.


Russians are particularly keen on syrniki, a pancake made of quark – a fresh cheese product with a texture almost like sour cream. It is a famous Russian pudding of soft, warm cheese surrounded by a golden, crisp coating. The pancakes are then deep-fried & served with jam, honey or applesauce.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of puddings around the world. Many cultures have variations of similar puddings, but no matter the origin, this sweet treat is the perfect conclusion to a meal.

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