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Introduction To The PUD Blog

Thrilled to share the announcement that "The PUD Blog" is now live!

Pud For All Seasons is proudly owned by Karen Kelly. At Castlemaine, we are literally a family business. Our desserts are for all of you to enjoy all year around.

We all love pudding, not just for its taste, but also for its ability to create some wonderful memories to share with our family and friends. Pud For All Seasons owns its reputation by offering delicious, quality ingredients, dedication and a lot of love.

Who needs a little pudding once in a while in their life? If you raised your hand, then this PUD Blog is definitely for you.

That doesn’t mean we are abandoning healthy eating and all. As if you are looking to keep things healthy and fit, you can still indulge in our blog posts.

We will post some articles soon. We are working together to publish something different for our wonderful customers and readers.

We hope you would enjoy our blog posts today and the days ahead with family and friends, just like our fabulous pudding. We wish to live up to your expectations by publishing some worthy content.

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