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Where Grandma’s Cooking Meets Gourmet Deliciousness

It seems that no matter what grandma cooks it is always the tastiest - hearty meals you always remember. The comforting recipes are good to the last bite; there’s no competing with grandma. It may be the love and care that she puts into every meal, or the fresh ingredients she may have hand-picked from her garden, but there is a certain je ne sais quoi about her cooking that always brings with it a feeling of home. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and guess at just why grandma’s cooking makes us feel warm and cosy inside.

Great Any Time of the Year

With a year round-range of gourmet puddings to satisfy any dessert connoisseur, Pud For All Seasons adds a tasty range of delicious dessert sauces to its famous puddings. From brandied butterscotch, a perfect addition to traditional plum puddings, to the modern twist of spiced up vanilla which is perfect atop a tantalising peach pudding, there is a huge range of choice no matter the time of year. With the addition of a variety of products that are both dairy and gluten free, Pud For All Seasons creates gourmet quality puddings that are suitable for the whole family, just like grandma used to make.

Freshly Sourced Ingredients

Pud For All Seasons makes sure that all the ingredients used in their recipes come from the freshest stock and the ripest bunch, making sure that all the love and care afforded to a meal can be contained in a single recipe that was created with love and attention. With so many recipes being sourced from traditional beginnings, modern twists added to add a little variety, Pud For All Seasons manages to cook like grandma - and grandma knows best.

Old School Cooking

The anticipation of making the next trip to grandma’s house is always filled with excitement. We never quite know what grandma has in store for us, but we do know one thing; it’ll be the tastiest treat we’ve had all week! When you realise that grandma was brought up in a time where few preservatives were used and that all of her meals were literally made from scratch - that her unprecedented cooking ability came from trial and error - it seems like grandma deserves a three-star Michelin rating as a chef.

Pud For All Seasons was created by inspirational mum Karen, who had a passion for baking and cooking and the opportunity to exercise her talent in the kitchen. With a goal to create the most deliciously homely puddings that will remind everyone of traditional desserts, Karen quickly saw success in making her recipes come to life. Flavourful, simple and authentic. It’s actually her grandma’s secret recipe which started Karen's journey. Pud For All Seasons is where grandma’s cooking meets modern day gourmet deliciousness.

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