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(Unique & Fun) Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Around Christmas, organising a gift exchange can be both easier and trickier at the same time! Instead of purchasing gifts for everyone, you will have to get gifts for just one person. This can be trickier, however, as you have to make the Christmas present more special.

So let’s look at some unique Christmas gift exchange ideas that will surely put a broad smile on everyone’s face.

1. Classic Yankee Swap With A Different Tone

It is always special if you connect gifts on a personal level. Make your gifts a token of appreciation and affection this Christmas.

Instead of following the classic Yankee swap, tell the members to jot down the things that will make their Christmas. This is almost like how kids make their Christmas wish list to Santa. This personalised Yankee swap is a great way to avoid the maze of picking the right Christmas gift! Remember, Christmas gifts don’t always need to be useful. Imagine getting kitchen utensils from your Aunt on Christmas. It’s undoubtedly useful, but also kind of underwhelming, don’t you think?

2. Unisex Gift Lists

For a change, you can go with a unisex gift voucher for everyone on your list.

Despite the age, gender or relationship, come up with something that can be used or loved by anyone regardless. For instance, a Polaroid camera, French press or coffee maker, exotic bonsai tree, cocktail gift set, small bookshelf etc. Gifts like these are appreciated by all adults. You may get praised for your unique and minimalistic choices as well.

3. Christmas Pudding Blast

This is probably the best and most luscious present you can ever give to someone.

Like, ever! Melbourne based gourmet pudding supplier Pud for All Seasons is widely known for making the best traditional Christmas puddings in the entire town along with lots of other mouthwatering flavours. You can order their special Christmas puddings for everyone, and make the celebration even more exciting!

4. Cocktail-Crisp

Christmas time is always special.

Summer holidays approach; Boxing Day comes right after. The right choice of mixed soda with a homemade card couldn’t be a more perfect addition to your gift voucher! Even though you all will share cocktails along with the meals anyway, a favourite mix with a handwritten note will undoubtedly be the perfect Christmas present.

Pud for All Seasons is an award-winning Gourmet pudding supplier for all kinds of occasions in Australia. Their puddings come with best ingredients, multiple flavours, icings and excellent texture. This Christmas, try out their rich flavoured Christmas puddings as the perfect complement for festivity!

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